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Your newest community singing duo Aly & A.J.

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your source for everything aly and aj
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The newest source for Aly and AJ, now known as 78violet

information on the community.

Welcome to the newest source for Aly & A.J. now known as 78violet. Aly and A.J. have been playing music since they were just 7 years old. Aly and A.J. released their first album August 16, 2005 titled "Into The Rush". Since then the music group have released five albums, including a Christmas album, rerelease album, and a Japanese album.

important rules you MUST follow.

- add the right tags, check the tags if you need help
- a title is not required, but it would be nice to have on
- every post must have a source. even if the source is you, you must link back to yourself
- if you are posting pics/more than one video/long articles/etc make sure to add a lj cut. if you don't know how read this: click.
- when you post pics please post all the pictures present in the source, of course if they are a lot post a good amount of pictures. please have them be big enough so we can see, but not big enough so we can't tell what the picture is.
- no fighting in the comments. we'd rather have you guys fight, or argue, outside of the community. fights cause some huge problems and we'd rather not affiliate with problems.
- be respectful, not only to the mods, but to members. we strive to be a good community and without respect the community will go down.
(more rules to come)
people we affilate with.

archiburn daily_jgl
dailyrathbone damon_salvatore
hellcats20in20 marti_savannah
ontd_hellcats ournoah
pattinsonlife rbilson_daily
saoirse_love saoirseronan
totallytisdale twilightxchange

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